July 10, 2012


White Kiwi Chick Hatches at Wildife Center

(Dec. 18th, 2011)

A second, rare, white Kiwi hatched on the morning of December 18 at

Pukaha Mount Bruce National Willdlife Center.

Like it’s sibling, Manukura, this little one has received a special and

meaningful name — Mauriora, meaning ‘sustained life’. It hatched in the

Wildlife Center’s nursery, where Manukura – the world’s first white kiwi

hatched in captivity – came along in May. Eleven kiwi have hatched at the

center so far this season and of the two kiwi eggs incubating in the

nursery, one is from the same nest as Mauriora. Keepers are waiting to see

what that brings…

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(photos: Mike Haydon and Pukaha Mount Bruce National Willdlife Center)

(via hexapoda)